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Pleiades Performance have a passion for all things Subaru, especially when it involves making more power!

We have been mapping and datalogging Subarus of various specifications in South Wales for 4+ years, for motorsport and fast road use. I am well acquainted with both the EJ20 and EJ25, and know what works well and what the limits are for these engines.

We provide remapping and datalogging for most makes and models of Subaru, so please feel free to get in touch using the form below or via our social channels (please search pleiades performance on Facebook and Instagram), via email at, or by WhatsApp on 07878074666



Remapping modifies the data within the car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which can enable the engine to develop more power by targeting higher boost levels and using an increased spark advance. Remapping can be undertaken on the road or on a dyno (rolling road).

We can remap standard Subaru ECUS and aftermarket ECUs. Pleiades Performance has most experience with the G4X ECU from Link.

We generally suggest using the standard Subaru ECU for minor alterations to the car (e.g. slightly bigger turbos and injectors), and then going over to an aftermarket ECUs when major modifications have been made (see the picture on the right of our development car, which is now making 470whp using a Link G4X).

Please let us know your particular requirements!



Datalogging allows the monitoring of various parameters, such as air/fuel ratio, boost pressure, ignition timing, knock count, injector duty cycle, wastegate duty cycle and many more! If you would like to undertake a health check of your Subaru, then datalogging provides a means to show the health of your engine.

Get a Quote

Please get in contact if you would like any additional information regarding any remapping or datalogging:

  • Datalogging is £50 per session 

  • Standard ECU reflashing is £150 per session

  • CarBerry ROM conversions (allows launch control, antilag and mafless on the standard ECUs) is £200 per session

  • Aftermarket ECU setup and remapping is £250 per session

Thanks for submitting! We’ll be in touch soon!

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